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Mascot Madness

Football season is officially underway, and no matter which team you pledge your allegiance to there’s always a team mascot that roams the sidelines. 

So for this week's crew question, we asked the members of Lowe’s Racing "if the 48 team had a mascot what would it be and what would you name it?" See what they had to say to below, and let us know what you think would be the perfect mascot for the No. 48 Lowe’s team!  

  • Kyle Bazzell (hauler driver) – 2x4 Lumber Stick
  • Peter Michel (engineer) – Polar Bear named Johnny
  • Chad Kohn (backup hauler driver) – a screwdriver named Screwy Louie
  • Ron Malec (car chief) – an ox named “Babe”
  • Austin Konetski (mechanic) – Oh if you only knew… 
  • Lance Munksgard (pit crew coach) – Teddy Bear – Louie
  • Chris Krieg (pit crew coach) – “Speedy” the Spider; spider mascots look cool
  • Dave Collins (tire changer) – a beaver because he’s always working; his name would be Steve
  • John Boydston (engine tuner)and Greg Morin (pit crew coach) – Honey Badger  
  • David Elenz (engineer) – I thought it was Earl.   
  • Marius Hauser (engineer) – “Lowe-man” the hammer!
  • R.J. Barnette (front tire carrier) – Lightning Bolt. Turbo.
  • Brandon Harder (gasman) – Hammer/ Kobalt
  • Earl Barban (spotter) – A hammer called “The Pounder.”
  • T.J. Ford (jack man) – Honey Badger, Name: Blue – “You my boy Blue!”
  • David Mayo (tire changer) – a wrench
  • Andrew Childers (backup jackman) – a hammer, M.C.
  • Ryan Patton (tire carrier) – Howie the Handyman

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Joey Logano
Jimmie Johnson
Kevin Harvick
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Started: 37th
Finished: 1st
Kobalt 400
Sunday, March 8th
3:30 p.m. ET on FOX
Kobalt Hot Pass