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We can officially say it’s Halloween Week! This Thursday marks All Hallow’s Eve where witches, pirates, zombies, superheroes, princesses and famous personalities roam the streets, running house to house filling up their pillow cases with candy.

The pumpkin carving, Halloween decorating and the costume making have been in full effect since the month of October began.  So it was only fitting if we asked the Lowe’s Racing team what their favorite candies are!

Feel free to let us know what you plan on being on Halloween and share your thoughts about the team’s responses below!

  • Kyle Bazzell (hauler driver) and Ryan Patton (rear tire carrier) – Peanut M&M’s      [Really?! You choose the competitor?!]
  • Peter Michel (engineer) – Reese’s Pieces
  • Chad Kohn (backup hauler driver) – Sweet Tarts
  • Ron Malec (car chief) – Swedish Fish        [These get stuck in your teeth!]
  • Austin Konetski (mechanic) – Peanut Butter. The stuff is like candy to me.  
  • Lance Munksgard (pit crew coach) – Snickers
  • Chris Krieg (pit crew coach) – Andes Mints
  • John Boydston (engine tuner) – Gummie Worms
  • David Elenz (engineer) – Payday     [Oh you’ll get your Payday when JJ finishes in 1st!]
  • Greg Morin (pit crew coach) – York Peppermint Patty
  • Calvin Teague (rear tire changer) – Not really candy, but definitely Oreo’s!           [Still counts!]
  • R.J. Barnette (front tire carrier) – Frozen Twix
  • Brandon Harder (gasman) – Butterfingers    [Good thing you don’t have those;)]
  • Earl Barban (spotter) – Tootsie Roll
  • Matthew Tyrrell (tire carrier) – Dots
  • T.J. Ford (backup jackman) – Cow Tails              [We honestly had to Google this.]
  • Andrew Childers (jackman) – Reese’s 

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Matt Kenseth
Denny Hamlin
Joey Logano
Jimmie Johnson
New Hampshire
Started: 5th
Finished: 6th
October 4th, 2015
2:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN
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