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Celebrity Status

Everyone has their favorite celebrity or celebrities, but what if you had the chance to step in their shoes for a day? Would you do it and if so, who would you be? The lifestyle of the famous can be glamorous, but simultaneously the road to being a recognized personality is filled with hard work and hardships.

For this week’s crew question we asked the Lowe’s Racing crew, “If  you could live as a certain celebrity for one day, who would it be?” Always a fun question to ask! From all-time winning athletes to rockstars, our Lowe’s Racing guys didn’t disappoint with their answers! See their responses below and share with you friends on Facebook and Twitter:

  • Kyle Bazzell (hauler driver) – Charlie Sheen                                  [Before his meltdown, right???]
  • Chad Kohn (backup hauler driver) – Michael Jordan                 
  • Austin Konetski (mechanic) – The Ghostbuster “Spengler”
  • Lance Munksgard (pit crew coach) – Willy from Duck Dynasty
  • Chris Krieg (pit crew coach) – Brad Pitt
  • John Boydston (engine tuner) – Eddie Vedder                              [Who wouldn’t want to be a rockstar?!]
  • David Elenz (engineer) – Lil Wayne                                                [So you can make a milli?!]
  • Marius Hauser (engineer) – Leonardo DiCaprio because he is my favorite actor!
  • Greg Morin (pit crew coach) – Tom Brady     [He knows a thing or two about winning championships.]
  • Calvin Teague (tire changer) – Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty    [Ain’t got nothing on me jack!]
  • Brandon Harder (gasman) – Johnny Knoxville
  • Earl Barban (spotter) – George Clooney                                         [You are the ladies’ man, Earl!]
  • Matthew Tyrrell (tire carrier) – Erich Church on a concert day!
  • T.J. Ford (jack man) – Oprah                                                            [She is a very powerful woman….]
  • Andrew Childers (jack man) – Ted Nugent
  • Ryan Patton (tire carrier) – Jay Leno

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Jimmie Johnson
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